September 27, 2021

Tips for a Successful Small Business Technology Backup Strategy

3 min read

The concept of being surrounded by a genuine live tornado shifted some believing for me and I would like to discuss just how and why. Allow me to give you a few facts.

First of all, spending some time in Kansas with our customers as well as their management staff is among my favorite things to do. There are 4 senior managers who are moving out of the “working manager” mindset to “top” their company with key business growth plans, organization-wide communication changes, and learning how to assess their rankings for efficacy and generating sustainable and successful outcomes. Kudos to them.

I enjoy working with senior managers and managers that are on track to actually find their abilities and subsequently using them to emphasize what’s possible when gifted men and women use their smarts for their business, individuals, and their lifestyles. Confidently influential men and women are a sight to behold.

Back to the possible threat with all the tornado. It had been important for me to learn what the precautions and strategies were of the resort where I was staying. Can they exude the guests? Where do we proceed? How long if we take when we had been alerted, to input the shelter? If we take anything? What would the sign be that would allow us to understand that it was time to take refuge?

My team asked me if I had been fearful of this tornado? I explained, but I wasn’t asking the questions because I was fearful. I had been asking all of the questions since I needed a strategy that I could follow and understand. Additionally, I believed I wished to be a part of the solution instead of a crying scaredy-cat running in circles since I didn’t know that programs were set up to shield me from such a potentially traumatic situation like a true life destruction-inducing tornado.


Luckily, the tornado didn’t touch down. We averted destruction and needing to utilize the shelter and security of a wonderful plan.

But it got me thinking about my own plans for my business and life. How ready am I to do it if only the worse happened to me personally along with the business? I came up with a few questions that I believe are great preparatory concerns for putting together a strategy for achievement “in the event”. I hope they’re useful to you. They’ve provoked me to believe through my plan to how I run my business procedures.

  • What’s my backup for your information?
  • How often does this get backed up?
  • Where can it be backed up and how can I get access to it if there’s a failure?
  • How do I manage a failure if I do not have the most recent backup? The remark since we have involved with this fast-moving technology isn’t “if” something will fail, but “if”.
  • What type of storage am I using to the specific and significant information that I want to get in a challenging situation?
  • Where am I maintaining it and how readily do I have access to it?
  • Who needs access to it?
  • Perhaps you have continued to maintain my firewalls and security tight so that my customer information and business information is as secure as it could be?
  • Are you currently using the best technology that I want so as to work well, effectively, and economically?
  • How mobile as my everyday paper documents and just how can I replicate them whenever they had been missing?
  • What does my insurance policy seem like and is it sufficient to replace/support my being in a position to conduct business easily?
  • What are my storage habits?
  • Do I want to relook at how I’m managing my information?
  • What technology does in modern business nowadays?

It requires some time to become safe, efficient, effective, and rewarding. We’re taking a profound look at our whole business today due to the nose brush using a potentially harmful situation.

I hope that these questions are useful to you. They’ve been around for us. I believe a periodic safety inspection is a fantastic humbling practice.